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Our Mission

The Autism Directory is a registered charity (no. 1143855) working to support individuals and families living with autism at a grass roots level in the community.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create a better and more independent life for themselves, and with the right support and resources this can be achieved.

We focus on getting people the help they need, and we do this via our main services:


  • An online directory of resources, organisations and people that can help, across the UK and covering a wide range of categories.
  • An online autism resource kit that provides information, advice and workshops to those living with autism on a wide range of topics.
  • Local community ambassadors and coordinators working at a local level with individuals, families and support groups to provide specific support for their needs (in specific areas with the aim of rolling out across the UK)
  • A partnership network with other individuals and organisations to make a bigger difference to the autism community than we could do on our own (in specific areas with the aim of rolling out across the UK)
  • The autism friendly mark awarded to organisations that are recognised (through training or otherwise) to be autism aware and understand the needs of individuals and families.
  • Support for adults with autism to get into self employment, including a speaker agency for those that have a story to tell


The Autism Directory Charity was founded in 2010 by Nadine Honeybone, a parent with a child diagnosed with autism and a learning disability. She explains:

When we were given the diagnosis we were completely unaware about autism. We knew very little about it, what caused it or what we could do to help our child. We felt isolated and alone. We expected a learning curve, but did not anticipate one so steep. We expected some help, but did not anticipate how little is actually given and how much you have to find out for yourself. We expected a society that understood, but did not anticipate the lack of awareness, often ignorance, that we would have to put up with every day.

The Autism Directory was created because individuals and parents should not feel that they are alone. There is help and support out there, but if people don’t know what or where it is, or how to access it then it is of no benefit to them. Since the charity was founded in 2010, our work has expanded from the online directory to include training and a more community focussed support role.

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