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How I am Feeling During Lockdown, A blog by Maxwell Dean  

The lockdown has been a difficult and uncertain time for many people. 

As someone on the autistic spectrum, I am used to being alone for a lot of the time. But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss contact, whether that is with friends, family or colleagues. 

Like many people I had plans to see family over the coming months but have had to cancel most of these plans due to travel restrictions. At the risk of upsetting my mum, perhaps my biggest cause of stress has been being unable to see my family pets at home! As I am sure many will agree our dog Annie and cat Archie always help me to forget my worries. I find taking Annie along our local beach, White Park Bay, for a run is always a great way of clearing my mind in the fresh air.  

This is also a particularly stressful time for me as I learned this month that I need to move house, something which hasn’t helped my sleeping problems. It seems however from a quick scan of my social media and watching the news, that I am not the only one finding the balance between work, some sort of routine and getting a good night’s sleep a challenge.  

Despite my worries, however, I count myself truly lucky that I haven’t had any family members pass away or fall ill due to the pandemic and my heart goes out to anyone who has. 

One of the things that has me most stressed is the thought of Liverpool FC missing out on its first league title for 30 years and the first Premier League trophy in my lifetime. As one of the club’s many legends, Bill Shankly said about the important of the game itself; 

“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.” 

People’s lives are of course what we quite rightfully value most. Yet that doesn’t mean many don’t miss the familiar and satisfying routine of tuning into or driving to their team’s game every weekend and listening to fan debate on BBC Radio 5 Lives 606 at home or on the road. I equally enjoy staying at home talking to my dad about the game. While, rewatching Liverpool’s 4-0 comeback against Barcelona at Anfield in the Champions League never gets old, the pre-game build up to the weekend game can’t be matched.  

There are some positives to the lockdown. I am able to focus on things such as my writing, have plenty of thinking time and can catch up with any films in my Blu-ray collection I haven’t got round to watching yet. 

As a keen believer in society, what has perhaps been most positive about the lockdown however, is how it has encouraged people to work and come together, to help others, and shown that at their heart, the British people are a decent bunch.