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To do all the work we do, and want to do, we rely on fundraising as the main source of our revenue. This allows us to provide a number of things free of charge to the public and organisations:

1. The Autism Directory – the online directory is completely free to all users and fundraising enables us to provide ongoing research to populate the directory in areas across the UK,  administer it on a daily basis and provide the technological platform that runs it.

2. The Directory Helpline – we also offer a telephone help line for those needing support finding the help they need.  The helpline is open during normal office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

3. The Autism Resource Kit (ARK) – online information, help and advice for living with autism free to all users. The fundraising enables us to keep this resource up to date and provide the technology to run it.

4. Monthly Webinars – as part of the ARK we also provide free monthly webinars to anyone on specific topics such as eating, anxiety, behaviour, sleep, puberty and much more.  These are interactive and allow participants to ask questions for their own situation. The webinars are also available on the ARK for others to listen to afterwards.

5. Workshops for Parents and Carers at a reduced rate –  there is a small charge for parents and carers to access our workshops at various locations. The fundraising allows us to provide these at this nominal rate.

6. Local Autism Community Coordinators – people that work for the charity who are out and about in their local communities raising awareness, supporting individuals & families on a one-to-one or group basis and supporting a community network for the benefit of all.  The fundraising is key to enabling us to provide these roles which are based in the areas in which we fundraise ensuring that the money stays local and for the community in which it was raised.

7. Local Support Networks – we work with local autism groups, organisations, social enterprises etc to help them grow and provide our support for them to meet their goals to support the autism community.   Fundraising enables us to give our time free to these groups.

8. Work and Business Support – working with adults with autism we provide support to help them get into work and also to have their own business. This is free of charge to those we support

9. Training – we train organisations in autism awareness, understanding and provide workplace assessments and the fundraising helps us to keep our prices low, competitive and accessible in order to reach as many organisations as we can.

10.  Autism Shows – these are annual events that provide face to face access for individuals, families and professionals to the organisations that can provide a service. The fundraising enables us to help smaller groups and individuals with autism exhibit with the other organisations that pay to attend.

There are many opportunities for you to help us fundraise, such as

– Be a collector (we only do bucket collections – we do not go door to door)
– Participate in a challenge (eg Skydive) and be sponsored for it
– Organise an event in aid of us  (e.g. cake sale, evening entertainment etc)
– Nominate us for your company’s Charity Of The Year scheme

If you would like to help us fundraise then please call us at the office on 01443 844764.

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