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All New TAD Creative merchandise available now!

All our merch is designed and created by our talented team of artists and designers (all of whom are on the spectrum).Proceeds from every sale go to ensuring our charity can continue to help you get the help you need. Check out the entire range 

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Who are TAD Creative?

Staffed by a team of talented, passionate and experienced artists and designers (who are all on the spectrum), TAD creative specialises in high quality products that engage, inform, entertain and promote.
TAD Creative is comprised of 2 distinct but inter-related groups: Design and Art. The Design team are responsible for all design based work internally or externally. The Art team focus primarily on more blue sky creative work including merchandising ideas and artwork, visuals for online and print use and often pure art that the Design Group then may consider practical applications for.


What services does TAD Creative offer?

TAD Creative the creative arm of TAD across all its activities and platforms. There are a number of areas in which we work and this is growing all the time. All of The Autism Directories design needs are handled in house by TAD Creative and we are excited to be able to offer our highly sought after services to the wider public.

Design for Print

From flyers, leaflets, banners and posters to exhibition design, 3D models, signs and more

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Web Design

Whether you want a full e-commerce solution from scratch or just need a basic site to get you going.

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Graphics & Illustration

A full range of art and design services geared towards creating impactful artwork that meets your needs

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Video Production

Training videos, promotional clips, animations for social media, product mockups and television advertising

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Brand Identity

Your brand is who you are. Contact us to chat about how we can create the perfect brand ID

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We also design and produce merchandise suitable for official sale or as event giveaways

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Our recent Covid-19 appeal

During this difficult period TAD Creative was commissioned to create a national television advertisement for the The Autism Directory charity as part of a wider project to raise awareness and funds to support vulnerable people.

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