The Autism Directory | Employment Program

registered charity #1143855


Support and training to
think outside the box in the world of employment

The Autism Directory | Employment Program offers a range of services to support autistic people into and within employment. We focus  on  the differences we all have and see these as strengths that benefit both individuals and potential employers

How can we help?

Just a few things that we can offer you in your path to employment

Employment Workshops

Support for helping autistic adults get ready for work. We’ve run programs developed in partnership with the DWP across RCT.


We can support individuals and businesses to take advantage of the strengths that autism can bring

CV Design

Supporting you to navigate the do’s and dont’s of creating a perfect CV and covering letter

Interview Techniques

Being interviewed for a job can be very stressful so we can support you to uncover tips that can help your chances of success

Job Searching

Knowing what to look for as a career can be confusing. We can help you to see where your strengths could lead you

In Work Support

Staying productive and happy in any workplace is important for both you and your potential employer.