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The Autism Directory

Helping those living with autism to get the help they need via by signposting to resources in local areas and beyond

The online autism directory provides:
  • A comprehensive directory of autism related services, products and autism friendly businesses.
  • Directory entries from organisations, groups and individuals that support those with autism in their local area, across the region and nationally too
  • Categories include Health, Personal Support, Education, Therapies, Living Support, Money & Legal, Recreation, Work & Employment and much more.
  • A wealth of information in Articles written by organisations serving the autism community.
  • Online information open 24/7
  • Access to a Helpline to support you further to find the help you need. Please call 01443 843070
To visit The Autism Directory go to

The Autism Resource Kit

Helping those living with autism get the help they need by providing online information, help, advice and resources for day to day living.

The autism resource kit provides:
  • Information on autism, its characteristics, behaviours, getting a diagnosis and much more
  • Resources that cover specific topics such as sleep, eating, sensory, toileting, puberty, anxiety and others
  • Workshops for individuals with autism, their parents / carers and families
  • Access to monthly Webinars and our community support
  • Help and practical Advice online via social media private groups
  • Personal support for personal and specific challenges from our Community teams
The Autism Resource Kit is currently under redevelopment and will be back soon

The Autism Community

Helping those living with autism get the help they need with local and personal support from within their community

The autism community provides:
  • An Autism Ambassador that understands and champions the needs of the local autism community
  • Access to an Autism Coordinator to get personalised support for individual situations and challenges


These teams will provide individualised access to the services of The Autism Directory Charity:
  • Supported access to the Autism Directory and Autism Resource Kit to find the help that’s needed
  • Our Partnership Network with other organisations providing help and support,  working together for the benefit of all
  • Training local businesses to raise autism awareness and understanding through Courses and Workplace Assessments
  • Work & employment support and a Business School to support adults with autism get into self-employment
  • Support for schools, colleges, parents and pupils with practical help and advice to prepare for transition
  • A Speaker Agency for adults with autism to share their inspiring personal stories
To visit The Autism Community and find out what’s available in your area go to

The Autism Partnership

Helping those living with autism get the help they need by collaborating with others across the autism community, working together to make a big difference for the benefit of all

The autism partnership provides:
  • A Support Network of local autism support groups / charities / not-­for‐profits to help each other grow to achieve all our goals. This network values collaborative working to achieve a common objective for the benefit of the community
  • Help for Local Initiatives that support the autism community in any way from mental well‐being to upskilling. Things like allotments, cafes and any kind of social enterprise for the local autism community.
  • In collaboration with our Partners we provide training and support for transition, to be job-ready and access to employment & work experience.
  • Our ‘Business School’ provides support, coaching and guidance as well as a business ‘back-­office’ for adults on the spectrum that have (or want to have) their own business, with specialists in finance, marketing, sales, operations etc so that they get the best chance of business success.
  • TAD Talks is our Speaker Agency that supports adults on the spectrum launch and develop their speaking career – providing speaker training, making bookings for public speaking engagements and promoting their brand.
For info on Employment Support please visit

The Autism Friendly Mark

Helping those living with autism get the help they need by raising autism awareness and understanding in businesses & across society and awarding the autism friendly mark

The autism friendly mark provides:
  • Training to businesses and organisations that serve the public with products and services
  • An awareness of autism, the traits, theories, support and strategies for businesses wanting an overview
  • A more detailed understanding and acceptance of autism for businesses that want to make changes to serve their communities better
  • Workplace assessments and in-depth training to create more accessible environments for workforce and customers
  • The Autism Friendly Mark to display online and within the workplace to help the autism community find what they need
To visit The Autism Friendly Mark go to

The Autism Roadshows

Helping those living with autism get the help they need by providing face to face access to the organisations that serve the community with products and services

The autism roadshows provide:
  • Annual events packed with a range of exhibitors showcasing their products and services that support the autism community, and a chance to meet with them face to face to discuss the support they can offer
  • Seminars, talks and training on topics that matter to the autism community and the opportunity to ask questions
  • Meet up with other visitors – those with autism, their parents, carers and professionals
  • Main shows in South, North and West Wales each year
  • Local autism roadshows in various towns and communities across the UK
  • All shows with free entry for visitors
To visit The Autism Roadshows go to and for The Welsh Autism Shows go to

TAD Talks

Helping those living with autism get their stories heard to enlighten and inspire others…

The TAD Talks programme provides:
  • Full support in creating and running a speaking business
  • Training and coaching in public speaking
  • Help in getting public speaking opportunities and learning from experience
  • Support for bookings with paid spoken engagements
  • Coaching in building a speaking brand image and how to sell the services
  • Working with a network of public speakers and trainers, helping The Autism Directory raise autism awareness & acceptance in our communities
To visit TAD talks go to

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